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Sustainable Nuclear Power Initiative Focus Area Fact Sheet
There are optimistic signs of a resurgent U.S. nuclear power industry following decades of stagnation. During the same period, the international industry has experienced steady growth. Because of stagnation, U.S. influence has waned in this strategic global industry. Increased use of nuclear power here at home could provide electricity needed to fuel sustainable economic growth while avoiding CO2 emissions – as nuclear power is a key element in strategies to mitigate climate change. Nuclear power may also become a growing source of nearly carbon free electricity to revolutionize the transportation sector through “plug-in” hybrid and electric vehicles and process heat for production of alternative fuels. Reduction of dependence on imported oil and natural gas is a growing energy and national security concern for the United States and its friends and allies.
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Ace, Mary H (
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September 2008
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Security: Local-National-International
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Sustainable Nuclear Power Initiative, SNPI, Focus area, fact sheet, Energy Security, Carbon Management, Nonproliferation, Sustainability

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