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Year in Review: PNNL's FY15 Support to the Office of Environmental Management
Approximately 240 scientists, engineers, and professional staff across Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) provide answers for nuclear waste management and environmental remediation challenges. PNNL leverages research and knowledge from other programs to enable critical cleanup decisions. Additionally, working with our partners, PNNL has made significant Laboratory Directed Research and Development investments to deliver scientifically defensible solutions to the market. We do this in service to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and in collaboration with government sponsors (the DOE Offices of Science, Nuclear Energy, and Fossil Energy, and the Department of Defense), industry customers, universities, and our fellow national laboratories. Rooted in a broad understanding of complex systems, our innovations provide crucial science-based and risk informed solutions to larger challenges. Our strategically focused research, analyses, and technological contributions are saving the nation millions of dollars and reducing the risks and time frames for cleanup of legacy waste. PNNL is committed to restoring the environment for a cleaner future.
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Bates, Shannon R (
Date published:
October 2015
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Environmental Studies and Remediation
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Year in Review, Environmental Management, EM Challenge

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