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Integrated Coastal Ocean Modeling
PNNL's Integrated Coastal Ocean Modeling (ICOM) group is a part of the Coastal Sciences Division at the Marine Sciences Laboratory (MSL), specializing in the development and application of state-of-the-art oceanographic, hydrodynamic, water quality, and ecosystem models to solve water and natural resources issues in watersheds, river systems, estuaries, and coastal regions. We use comprehensive numerical modeling to build scientific understanding and support decision making for all aspects of the water hydrologic cycle ranging from rainfall and runoff from watersheds to flows in small streams to distributed flows in larger river systems to circulation in wetlands, estuaries, and coastal waters. Our investigations include hydrodynamics, water quality and quantity, sediment transport, and ecosystem modeling that support the diversity of science and decision needs. Our modeling capabilities ranges from simple one-dimensional (1-D) flow and effluent dilution models to state-of-the-art, complex three-dimensional (3-D), computational fluid dynamic (CFD), hydrodynamic, fate and transport, and comprehensive water quality models.
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Smith, Jennifer L (
Date published:
May 2011
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Background information:
Marine Science
Key words:
Ocean modeling, Hydrology, Sediment Transport, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Hydrodynamics

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