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Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are advancing the frontiers of scientific knowledge and rapidly translating their discoveries into innovative technologies. State-of-the-art facilities combined with innovation and creativity help Pacific Northwest's scientists and engineers resolve critical challenges in energy, the environment, and national security for government and industry clients. Pacific Northwest also strives to move scientific gains from the laboratory to the marketplace through various programs and partnerships.

Other Resources
Breakthroughs Magazine This site contains Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's news magazine, Breakthroughs.

News and Publications at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory This site contains news releases, tipsheets, and background information on the national laboratory.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Web Site This is the external site for the national laboratory. It provides links to key research studies and new technologies.

Pacific Northwest Technology Today This online newsletter showcases laboratory news, scientific advancements, and new technologies for local, state, and national leaders.

PictureThis Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's image gallery contains ~600 photos and graphics of work done by this national laboratory. In addition, photos of the nearby region, including the Hanford Reach, are available.