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Conducting Private R&D at PNNL
One of the important missions of a national laboratory is technology transfer—driving innovative science from the laboratory bench to public or private use in a way that’s beneficial to the nation. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has been managed by Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy for more than 40 years. Through a system of aggressive programs and a network of contacts in business and government, Battelle has built a rich history of technology deployment at PNNL that reaches even beyond American borders, ensuring that industrial sectors and the public have access to applicable science and technology. Unique to PNNL is a powerful technology development and transfer mechanism known as the Use Permit. The Use Permit allows Battelle staff working at PNNL to use federal government facilities and equipment to conduct private research, and allows the government to conduct work in Battelle’s private facilities as well. Under the Use Permit, Battelle must reimburse DOE in advance for the use of its facilities and equipment, and vice versa.
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Simanton, Bruce K (
Date published:
August 2008
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Background information:
Economic Development and Technology Commercialization
Key words:
R&D, Use Permit, advancing frontiers

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