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Opportunity for a Marine Energy Intermediate Scale Test Facility at PNNL's Marine Sciences Laboratory
The emerging marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) energy technology market is expected to grow and mature into a sizable industry in the next 10 – 15 years, similar to the pace of technology advancement in the wind energy industry over its first 20 years. Tidal power is a predictable and potentially significant source of energy in parts of the US. Realizing significant benefit from this renewable energy source will require answering questions concerning potential environmental effects as well as long-term durability, efficiency, and operating costs of MHK devices. Obtaining these answers will require testing in marine waters, under known conditions, in an environment similar to where devices will be deployed commercially. Testing environments are needed at intermediate stages of device development that reflect deployment conditions and allow for ease of deployment, maintenance and retrieval with few constraints on the deployment window to keep pace with the speed of technology development and contain costs.
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States, Jennifer C (
Date published:
March 2012
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Background information:
Marine Science
Key words:
Marine Hydrokinetic; Inermediate Scale Test; MHK; Tidal Power

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