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Chemical and Nuclear Processing Capabilities
Scientists and engineers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) provide expertise, technical defensibility, and integrated approaches for chemical and nuclear waste processing across the Hanford River Protection Project (RPP) Mission. PNNL enables critical decisions in design, construction, and optimal operation by leveraging research and knowledge from our government sponsors (including the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Offices of Science, Environmental Management, and Nuclear Energy), universities, industry, and our fellow national laboratories. PNNL scientists and engineers are developing advanced solutions to the challenges posed by interfacial chemistry, rheology, and fluid dynamics in non-equilibrium chemical systems to allow a predictive understanding for radioactive processing and new treatment options. These solutions improve safety, reduce cost, and reduce the risk of adverse operations. We support development of chemical and engineering processes for tank waste treatment at the Hanford Site, Savannah River Site, and Oak Ridge Site. Our work enabled the efficient and effective treatment of waste at West Valley and we are actively engaged in remediation at Fukushima. Building on this past and current work, PNNL is a critical technology provider contributing to the 1) design and technical defensibility of the RPP integrated flowsheet, 2) development of alternative processes and flowsheets such as Direct Feed Low-Activity Waste, the Tank Waste Characterization and Staging Facility, Direct Feed High-Level Waste, and In-Tank/Near-Tank Pretreatment; (3) waste form development, and (4) waste feed qualification. PNNL is committed to addressing technical issues through systematic approach of formulating research strategies and test methodologies that result in technically defensible solutions.
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Bates, Shannon R (
Date published:
March 2016
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Background information:
Nuclear Research and Facilities
Key words:
Chemical, Nuclear Processing, Capabilities, Tank Waste, Pilot Scales, Fluid Dynamics, Radiological, Waste Forms, Microscopy

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