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Solutions for Unconventional Oil Recovery
This is an overview of PNNL's capabilities for the oil shale industry. Data sheets within the folder include: environmental solutions, petroluem separation processes, pipeline systems, fuels and emissions, heating and stabilization, carbon management, stakeholder interactions, security and pre-emptive planning and power management.
Clearance number:
Teske, Lisa (
Date published:
October 2006
Number of pages:
9 plus folder
Background information:
As the price of oil continues to increase and global oil production nears its peak, pursuing unconventional oil supplies, such as oil shale, heavy oil and oil sands becomes increasingly attractive. Of particular significance is that these unconventional resources exist in North America and provide the opportunity to develop cutting-edge technologies for characterization, production, processing and environmental management—allowing the United States to lead in global solutions. Battelle can deliver these breakthroughs.
Energy Production and Conservation
Key words:
oil shale, energy, environment, power, petroleum, fuel, carbon

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