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Data Intensive Computing
Data Intensive Computing is concerned with capturing, managing, analyzing, and understanding data a volumes and rates that push the frontiers of current technologies. Addressing the demands of ever-growing data volume and complexity requires epochal advances in software, hardware, and algorithm development. Effective solution technologies must also scale to handle the amplified data rates and simultaneously accelerate timely, effective analysis results. PNNL is aggressively working to solve these big-data challenge by developing capabilities Data Intensive Computing that combine hardware architectures, software architectures, and advanced analytics.
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Gracio, Deborah K (
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October 2009
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Computer Science
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Data-Intensive Computing, data, data intensive, data management, data analysis, data volume, data complexity, data rates, massive data, terabytes, petabytes, streaming, streaming data, modeling and simulation, high throughput, system sensors, sensor data, hybrid hardware architecture, hardware architectures, adaptable software architectures, software architecture, MeDICi, advanced analysis

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