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PNNL Restoration and Protection of Our Nation's Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
For over 50 years, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has been helping federal and state agencies and stakeholders understand how energy generation, storage, and use influence the function and health of many of our nation’s most critical ecosystems. Stewarding the Department of Energy’s only marine science laboratory, PNNL researchers tackle the most challenging and complex environmental issues in marine and freshwater ecosystems using nationally recognized laboratories and facilities. Our experts have defined the key processes and features controlling the health of our environments, including our most valued regional watersheds – Puget Sound and the Columbia River. Using this knowledge, PNNL has led the development and deployment of state-of-the-art technologies to mitigate impacts on valued ecosystems, improve environmental quality, and enable a cleaner and sustainable energy future. We are committed to addressing technical issues to solve challenges to restoring and protecting our environment. To that outcome, we currently steward four core competencies within the Energy and Environment Directorate: ˇˇQuantitative System Dynamics ˇˇEcosystem restoration ˇˇEcosystem protection ˇˇRisk and decision analysis
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Zollman, Bethany G (
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January 2017
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Restoration and Protection, Marine, Freshwater, Ecosystems, Dynamics, Human Health

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