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Achieving a Predictive Understanding of Microbial Communities
The Microbial Communities Initiative, or MCI, is a 5-year investment by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory that focuses on understanding microbial community interactions at the fundamental scale at which they occur—the microscale (<100 microns). The goal is to create transforming technologies, clarify mechanisms and develop theoretical frameworks for analyzing and predicting the behavior of microbial communities. To do this, our researchers will integrate biological and ecological experimentation, analytical chemistry and simulation modeling. Because these interactions occur at the microscale, our science questions and associated capabilities and technologies are largely focused on making measurements at or near the scale of single cells. This focus requires significant technology development and its specific application to community-level ecological questions.
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Wiley, Julie G (
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October 2009
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Biomolecular Systems and Science
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bioenergy, carbon sequestration, carbon cycling, MCI, PNNL

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